• Animal Testing Policy

    At Jurlique, we have always believed passionately in providing our consumers with highly effective, potent skin care products, developed with respect for our environment and without the use of animal testing.

    We adhere to the strict requirements of the European Cosmetics Directive (76/768 ECC) and the European Commission Regulation (1223/2009), which prohibits the commissioning and testing on animals, of products and ingredients, for the purpose of developing new cosmetic products. Our skin care products are tested on consenting human volunteers by means of a “Cumulative Irritation Test” which determines the irritation and/or sensitisation potential of a product after repeated application to the skin of human subjects.

    We do not test our cosmetic and therapeutic products on animals as part of our product development process, or outsource this activity to any third parties, nor have we ever included animal testing in our product development process in the past. We work closely with our ingredient vendors to ensure they are aware of our company values and policies. We continue to adhere to the strict requirements of global cosmetic regulations regarding animal testing, with utmost respect for our customers and environment.

    Additional Information Relating to Local Market Laws

    In China, local laws and regulations require animal testing for cosmetic products to demonstrate consumer safety as part of the product registration process. This is a mandatory legal requirement applicable to all cosmetic products sold in China.

    The process involves samples being sent to a third party laboratory where toxicological tests are carried out on animals. This process is required by the Chinese regulatory authority to generate a safety profile of all cosmetic products to ensure that products on the Chinese market do not pose a risk to the consumer. The testing is carried out during the product registration stage. No further testing is required once the Chinese regulatory authority has approved the product for sale in China.

    Considerable research has been undertaken recently into non-animal testing alternatives and China's State Food and Drug Administration, or SFDA, has recently released a draft proposal approving the use of alternatives to animal testing for cosmetics. We are eager to see China amend its laws to allow alternatives to animal testing for product registration and fully support the proposed plan. We will be working closely with our Chinese agent to ensure that these alternative testing methods are utilized for our products as soon as they are approved.