• What’s our secret?

    We don’t subscribe to the idea that beautiful skin starts in a laboratory. We believe that no synthetic formula can match the power of nature to promote radiant, healthy looking skin. That’s why Jurlique developed our proprietary Bio-Intrinsic™ process. This artisanal approach, honed over generations of research and development, draws out the potent elements present in botanicals; isolates them, intensifies them and reformulates them to be even greater than the sum of their parts. By unlocking the full potential of nature, we’ve proven that harsh chemical formulations simply aren’t required. True beauty begins in the earth.

  • Separation

    Our Bio-Intrinsic™ process combines modern science with ancient Egyptian techniques. It starts with a distillation phase, in which the essential elements of plants and herbs are carefully isolated, in preparation for the second step of the process.


    The elements then undergo a percolation process to produce liquid extracts and the remains are ashed to bring out the vital trace material. The percolation step extracts non-volatile organic components and the ashing process extract various non-organic materials.


    When the elements are reunited, a new substance with increased properties is formed. This dynamic concentrate is utilized in our products to deliver benefits to the skin.