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    Caring for the Earth

    Our promise at Jurlique is to embrace change - which is why we're committed to minimising our environmental footprint each day.

    We strive to review our process from seed to skin to make our operations more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

    We are delighted to announce that Jurlique has just won the coveted CEW Eco Beauty Award for 2016.

    What are our savings?

    1. We save 2,000kL of water every year by transporting it from our factory to our farm just down the road to help our plants grow.

    2. We have saved 1,102 trees by reducing our carbon emissions by 20% (and counting!).

    3. We implemented 260 solar panels on our farm and warehouse producing 65KW of energy per year.

    4. We transitioned some of our old aluminium tubes to plastic packaging eliminating 70% of wastage during production and saving four trees every 1,000kg of product we produce.