Who is the most inspiring woman in your life?

To celebrate International Women's Day this year, we asked our Jurlique team to tell us who are the most inspiring women in their lives. Here are just some of our favorite responses.

Rosemary Rae - Global Learning and Development Specialist

"The most inspiring woman in my world is my mum Grace. She was one of the first female truck drivers in Australia in the late 60s, early 70s. From her I learnt courage, commitment and resilience."

Image of a old black and white newspaper that shows a picture of a woman sitting on a truck

Cherie Hutchinson - Farm Production Manager

"My friends inspire me. I am surrounded by some really strong positive women. We look out for one another, we have a barrel of laughs and we’re also there for each other in the bad times too. Life can be tough sometimes and having women around you that support you and want to see the best for you is fantastic. More importantly is, they’re authentically themselves and that’s something I absolutely encourage all women to be."

A woman pictured in a field in front of rows of lavender hedges

Rebecca Nicholls - Global Learning and Development Specialist

"The most inspiring woman in my world is my 97 year old grandmother Violet. She is an inspiration to me for her positivity and optimism and being brave to tackle anything. As an only grandchild I spent many hours with nana while I was growing up and the love, kindness and fun we shared together are some of my fondest memories. I moved to Sydney from England 30 years ago and missed our time together so much. When she was 91 she embraced the opportunity for us to be together again and emigrated to Australia with my parents. I now get to see her whenever I want to and I am always amazed by her positivity and optimism at starting a new life across the other side of the world in her 90s. I love you nana."

A woman in a white shirt and blue cap pictured with her grandmother who is wearing sunglasses