The Jurlique by Jacqueline Alwill Wholefoods Challenge

Download the Jurlique by Jacqueline Alwill Wholefoods Challenge and all of her delicious recipes.


Start your wholefoods journey with nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill’s two weeks of deliciously nourishing and clean-eating plan. In Week 1 there is an incredible variety of fruits, nuts, snacks, healthy fats and proteins (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) to choose from. In Week 2 there is a shift towards a plant-based diet. The plan is vegetarian-based and allows for dairy to give you a taste of just how amazing a life filled with plants can be. And if a week of eating vegetarian feels like too much, try doing it for one or two days. There’s no pressure, and remember, small steps are always good ones to take with health.

Download Jurlique X Jacqueline Alwill Wholefoods Challenge for access to the challenge and lots of recipes created exclusively for Jurlique!