The Natural Beauty Movement

Thirty-three years ago, when Jurlique first came to life, natural beauty was a leap of faith. With the proliferation of beauty blogs and social media accounts devoted to natural beauty buys, it is becoming the norm as consumers are making the switch for the sake of their health.

The shifting beauty paradigm is all thanks to a growing propensity towards recycling, composting, and organic-eating, which has now extended to the beauty products lining bathroom shelves. The term “seed to skin” highlights this revolutionary movement away from harmful and artificial ingredients, and towards creams, serums and cleansers all crafted from Nature’s bounty.

Natural beauty is nothing new at Jurlique, where we’ve been implementing organic farming methods for over 30 years. All those years ago, our founders decided that to create the purest skincare on earth, we would first need to find the purest place on earth. The result? A thriving farm in the pristine South Australian hills.

At Jurlique, we grow the most active herbs and botanicals in Nature’s most pristine conditions, where the elements are at their most pure. We harvest high-performance ingredients including Calendula extract, which can protect and soothe sensitive skin and Marshmallow Root extract which contains a high percentage of syrup-like liquid called mucilage known for its intensive hydrating, softening and balancing properties.

At our South Australian farm, we commit to strict organic principles. We care not only about the result, but the integrity of the process, working in harmony with the seasons to grow botanical ingredients that are naturally pure and active. This working relationship with Nature fosters richer soil, healthier plants and ensures environmental sustainability. This means all our ingredients are free from synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. Not only can every single ingredient be traced back to its roots, but to further preserve the perfection of Nature, we dutifully hand-pick and hand-sort all of our crops.

Once hand-picked, our farm-grown herbs and botanicals go through a unique extraction method. This three-stage process draws out the potent elements present in the plants, isolates them, intensifies them and reformulates them to be greater than the sum of their parts. This meticulous process ensures no plant material is wasted and the extracts obtained combine to form a new, highly concentrated extract.

If your own beauty ritual has yet to encompass plant-based products, be inspired by our incredible line of restorative serums, nourishing moisturisers, and intensive masks. On our website, you’ll find an illustrated ingredient profile for each product, which is our vow that Jurlique can only do you good.