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Farm FAQs

How do I book a tour?

You can book a Jurlique Farm Tour two ways

How do I get to the Jurlique Farm?

Farm tours are held at the Jurlique Farm which is located at 31 Liebelt Road, Biggs Flat SA 5153.

The Farm is a 10 minute drive from Hahndorf and 40 minutes drive from the Adelaide CBD.

Visit the Contact Us page for a map of how to get to Jurlique Farm.

I don’t have transportation to get to the farm. How can I get there?

Catch the 864 bus from Adelaide to Hahndorf then catch pre-booked taxi to the Jurlique Farm.

Alternatively, please contact the Adelaide Hills Visitor Information Centre.They can book your tour and provide a list of companies who can organise transportation.

What if I don't wear closed in shoes or long pants?

This is a requirement for your own comfort and safety. Jurlique have the right to refuse you entry on the tour.

Are food and drinks provided on the tour?

No food is provided on the tour. Please bring any food or drinks you require with you on the tour. Herbal teas are provided at the end of the tour.

Can children join a tour?

Yes, the tour is available for children of all ages with suitable supervision. Children under 16 are free.

Please note: Pram access is limited due to rough terrain.

What if it is raining or really hot? Will the tour still be conducted?

Tours will only be cancelled on Catastrophic Fire Days or due to extreme weather. In this case you will be contacted prior to the tour and you may either reschedule your tour or accept a full refund.

Does Jurlique take group tour bookings?

Yes. For groups larger than 10 we offer group tour prices. If you would like to make a group booking, contact Cherie Hutchinson on email cherie.hutchinson@jurlique.com.au

How far do I have to walk on the tour? Is there a level of fitness required?

The tour length is approximately 600 metres and there are no special fitness requirements.

Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately no. Paths on the tour are rough gravel and are not suitable for wheelchairs.

Will I be able to take part in the tour if I suffer from hay fever?

Yes. However if you suffer from hay fever we recommend you take any required medication prior to arrival at the Jurlique Farm.

Can I buy Jurlique products on the tour?

Yes, at the conclusion of the tour the Farm Retail Shop will be open where you can purchase a selected range of products.

What flowers and plants will I see on the tour and when are they flowering?

You will see different plants at different times of the year. As a guide, October, November and December are the busiest harvest times and when the majority of plants are in flower. However Jurlique Farm tours are an all year round experience, and there is always something to see on the tour.

Harvest Guide

Spring: The harvesting season commences in spring (September, October and November) with the picking of flowers such as sweet violets, daisy and heartsease. This is followed as the season warms with Calendula, Roses, Chamomile, Black elder flower, Yarrow, Red clover and Lavender. Over the same period leaves are picked from Peppermint, Birch, Lemon balm, Sweet violet, Nettle and Ivy.

Summer, Autumn, Winter: Some herbs require us to pick the whole top part of the plant when it is in full flower as these herbs are full of medicinal qualities. These are Self heal, Echinacea, Rosemary, Marjoram, Plantain, Thyme and Sage. This will happen over the growing season early summer to early spring depending on the species.

Winter: Roots are harvested in the winter when the plants have died back and all the nutrients from the past season are stored in the root system. Marshmallow, Comfrey, Liquorice, Dandelion, Echinacea and Burdock are harvested each winter.

Can I see the Jurlique skin care products being made on the tour?

Unfortunately No. Our Jurlique products are manufactured and filled at our Mt Barker production facility which is not part of the tour. The tour is of the Jurlique Farm where we grow ingredients and create the herbal base for our skin care products. As part of the Jurlique Farm tour, and your guide will talk you through the manufacturing process.