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    5 minutes with Belynda Henry

    Belynda Henry is the acclaimed Australian artist who created The Jurlique Farm, the stunning painting that appears on our 2017 Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense Deluxe Edition. We chatted to Belynda to find out more about what inspires her work and why she chose to collaborate with us.

    How important is nature in your life?

    I live on 40 acres on the NSW Central Coast, at the end of a secluded valley surrounded by thousands of acres of national park. There’s lots of wildlife here, and it’s where my two daughters have grown up. I’ve loved teaching them about nature and we’re lucky that there’s a lot of nature around us. And my everyday fascination with the Australian landscape inspires what I paint.

    How do you incorporate nature in your art?

    Living at the end of a long valley, which I drive through daily, I am constantly and automatically gathering views, moments and images I see. Then, back in my bushland studio, I reassemble the memories much like a jigsaw into a simplified and emotional interpretation of the beauty that surrounds me. I look for shapes, forms and colour, and my interpretations depend on how I feel when I look at things.

    What made you want to work with Jurlique?

    Jurlique loves and respects nature, so I think that was our common thread. I can relate to this, as I too take something simple yet wonderful from nature and transform it into something people could love.

    Jurlique’s link with nature is really important to me, how they don’t take it for granted; they incorporate the principles of sustainable farming and only grow what they need. It represents both a simplicity and a power.

    When did you first start using Jurlique products?

    I went to Sydney College of the Arts and had to travel through the city to get to there. That’s when I first saw the Jurlique store. I had a part-time job, and I would go and spend all my money in there; it was one of the first brands I really loved. I loved the scents and the natural products.

    How did you create The Jurlique Farm?

    My painting is a summary of everything I saw when I went to the farm. On my last day there, we sat on the side of a hill that looks across the valley, and that’s where I did my sketching. The wide open space, the native Australian colours of the gum trees, and of course the Roses were my inspiration.

    The colours at the farm were so uniquely Australian and had such a beautiful fragrance. The painting I created was my interpretation of the farm, based on the colours and how it made me feel.

    And it was wonderful learning how Jurlique products are made – seeing the different elements of the farm, talking to the growers, finding out about the unique extraction process. It’s amazing how Jurlique has the vision to take nature, which is something so many people take for granted, and turn it into something so beautiful. Being there made it all make a lot more sense.

    Is there any Jurlique product you can’t live without?

    I love Rosewater Balancing Mist. It’s so beautiful. I keep it on my coffee table or sometimes it moves to the kitchen bench; it’s always somewhere where we can walk past and have a quick mist. It makes you feel special; it hydrates, but the smell is so beautiful and natural, and reminds me of the Roses I saw growing on the Jurlique Farm. It’s energizing and makes you feel like you’re ready to go again.


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