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    Restore, protect & enliven using our luxurious NEW body lotions

    Rich and indulgent, yet easily absorbed, our NEW body lotions provide deep and lasting hydration to protect and restore your skin. With their nourishing plant oils and natural fragrances, they leave your skin feeling deeply moisturized, looking radiant, and smelling divine.


    Your body deserves the best of care

    So much attention is focused on facial skin care that it can be easy to forget the rest of our body needs just as much attention.

    Healthy skin is one of the body’s main lines of defense against external irritants, moisture loss, and environmental aggressors like pollution, UV, wind and water.

    However, there are a number of factors that can strip away our skin’s protective layer, causing it to lose moisture – and become dry, rough and uncomfortable. These include:

    • Weather. Exposure to the cold, sun and wind can all cause skin to lose moisture.
    • Long, hot showers. These can strip skin of the natural oils that help protect it from moisture loss.
    • Internal factors. Genetics, certain medical conditions and the natural ageing process can all cause dry skin.
    • Indoor heating and air conditioning systems.  These make the surrounding air drier, causing skin to follow suit.
    • Harsh skin care ingredients. Sulphates, soaps and more can strip skin of its natural moisture and cause irritation.

    woman applying luxurious body lotion


    Our new range took over two years to formulate. Our goal was to deliver a natural formula with as many pure botanical ingredients as possible, while delivering a luxurious consumer experience.


    luxurious body lotion free from sulphates parabens silicones

    Brought to you by the purest place on Earth

    Each of our new body lotions features a blend of pure, concentrated botanicals grown and handpicked at our organic farm in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

    Choose from four uplifting fragrances:

    • Softening Rose
    • Calming Lavender
    • Refreshing Citrus
    • Restoring Lemon, Geranium & Clary Sage

    Which one will you pick?
    Also available: NEW matching shower gels


    four bottles of luxurious Jurlique body lotion

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