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Why Jurlique?

Our Story

Our founders, Ulrike and Jurgen Klein, shared a vision of high performing, natural-based skin care, combining Nature’s transformative powers with state-of-the-art skin science. Using their deep knowledge of botany and biochemistry, they wanted to connect people to the natural world in ways not possible with products manufactured solely in a laboratory. The Kleins forged the uncompromising path we still follow; from the seed we plant, to the product that reaches your skin.

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Our Unique Process

When Ulrike and Jurgen Klein founded Jurlique more than thirty years ago, they were determined to prove that nothing manufactured solely in a laboratory could rival the healing powers of nature. This drove them to apply their deep knowledge of botany, biochemistry, and natural healing to cultivate radiant, healthy looking skin. Their shared vision was to create a high performing, natural skin care collection, combining Nature’s transformative powers with state-of-the-art skin science.

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Our Farm

After searching the world for a place of unspoiled purity, our farm was established in the clean, green hills of South Australia. Here, the aromas of flowers and healing herbs float in the air, native birds call, and the sunlight gives our fields a golden glow. This is where we Nature’s power infuses our flawless botanicals. Advanced biodynamic* and organic farming techniques help us avoid synthetic pesticides and herbicides. So no harmful ingredients make their way onto your skin, or into our environment. And our commitment to sustainability protects Natures riches for future generations.

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Our Commitment

For more than thirty years, Jurlique’s unique practices have preserved the integrity of Nature, delivering its undiluted power to your skin. It’s how we continue to challenge what’s possible from natural skin care. And it’s why we will always remain holistic, authentic and pure, cultivated with uncompromising care in the South Australian Hills.

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