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Our Unique Process

From the classic, much loved Jurlique products originally created by our founders, our collection continues to grow. Always innovating, always at the cutting edge of skin science, while staying true to our artisanal roots, we apply advanced technologies in a scrupulously natural way.


Our farm in the clean, green hills

Using advanced biodynamic* and organic farming techniques, we maintain the health of the soil for the highest nutrient content and plant vitality.

These methods also allow our botanicals to thrive without synthetic pesticides and herbicides. So you can be sure no harmful ingredients will make their way onto your skin, or into our environment.


Protecting and enhancing the vitality

Within hours of harvesting, we transport our plants to the drying shed, where they wait for the next, crucial step – our Bio-Intrinsic Process. This is Jurlique’s exclusive creation process. It does more than keep the vitality of the hills alive in our products – it actually intensifies it. The technique draws on an ancient methods, and involves three key transformative and purifying steps, and it’s at the heart of our high performing, natural skin care.

Our exclusive creation process

Essentially, this process is designed to extract the compounds we require, while removing any non-essential material. We then recombine the potent extracts to create a final product of magnified intensity.



Steam distillation gently lifts and releases the delicate essential oils, nutrients and liquids from our dried botanicals in the form of a vapour. We then return the vapour to liquid form, ready for the next stage.

Our Unique Process - Intensification


To do this, we percolate the purified botanicals and the distilled liquid to extract more vital nutrient. This step can often take a number of days.

Our Unique Process - Ashing


We burn the intensified botanicals down to a precious ash, creating natural minerals and salts in a highly concentrated extract.


Fusing nature with skin science

Our technical team is in constant contact with the plant specialists on our farm, and our rigorous testing ensures our high performing, natural skin care continues to deliver visible results. It’s this meticulous, uncompromising journey from seed to skin that preserves the integrity of nature, and allows us to challenge what’s possible from natural skin care. And it’s another reason why we will always remain holistic, authentic and pure, cultivated with uncompromising care in the South Australian hills.

*Certified biodynamic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia. Jurlique’s products and farm are not certified by or affiliated with Demeter® USA or Demeter International.