Jurique Insiders

Five minutes with… Chris Luscombe

Chris is a Product Technician at Jurlique – our ‘Green Wizard’! He’s been working his magic with an array of plants, herbs and botanicals in our Adelaide factory, and concocting the perfect blends for our products. As a member of the Jurlique ‘Green Team’, Chris works tirelessly to improve processes and reduce the company’s environmental impact, finding new ways to cut down on wastage, fuel costs and carbon emissions.

My passion for the earth and sustainability began in my last year of high school. My biology teacher introduced a radical new approach to teaching the subject. We were introduced to the concept of biology as an ecosystem wherein all the participants interplay and are mutually dependent. The realisation that everything in nature is part of a beautiful, intricate and totally interconnected magical organism was my Earth Day Eureka Moment! I knew I wanted to work in that world where science and nature come together. I’ve always been passionate about the earth. When my time’s over I want to leave the planet for my children, grandchildren – all our children – as beautiful as how I found it.

I’m passionate about Jurlique’s Bio-Intrinsic process. It’s unique to us and is the process by which we extract the essential ingredients of the plants and herbs we grow on our farm. Our extraction process uses every part of the plant and its products so that even the residues that are left behind are turned back into the soil, using good, biodynamic principles. Not only do we get the most potency from our ingredients, there’s no wastage so it’s better for the environment.

My favourite Jurlique product is… our Purely-Age Defying Hand Treatment. My old hands certainly appreciate it and my wife appreciates the smoothness it brings to them too!

See Chris in action