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Five minutes with… Leon Crosby

Leon is our irrigation technician and has worked at Jurlique for nearly seven years. He’s based at the Adelaide biodynamic* farm where he manages the water systems that keep all our herbs, plants and botanicals in optimal condition.

A few years ago I had some health problems, so I made a conscious decision to change my lifestyle to improve my health. One major decision I made was to step away from factory work and put myself closer to nature. That’s when I moved from the Jurlique factory to the farm.

I love the outdoors and working with nature everyday gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I’ve got a very hands-on job; I get to prepare the flower beds and incorporate sustainable strategies such as the use of a drip irrigation system to minimise our water usage, and watering our plants in the evening after the heat of the day. That way we use less power, and less water is lost through evaporation.

One of my most satisfying achievements was when we completed redesigning and refitting the Jurlique greenhouse. While most people know a greenhouse is used to grow plants, many don’t understand the environmental benefits that go with using one. A greenhouse essentially uses solar energy to create a safe micro-environment for our baby plants to thrive. By using a greenhouse we save more energy and water than you would through traditional farming practices.

Think about how you can re-use your waste before throwing it out. Consider ways you can be more self-sufficient. For example, I made a small greenhouse out of my child’s trampoline. I had been looking to build a small greenhouse for a while, and after pricing up the materials, I was surprised at the cost – so the project went on the back burner. Not long afterwards, we had a big wind which damaged my son Steven’s trampoline. I planned to sell it for scrap but after taking a good look at it, I realised I could use it for my greenhouse. I repurposed the entire frame so my greenhouse is about 95 per cent trampoline! My final cost for the finished product was $110 including the shade cloth, and as my initial cost estimate had been around $700, it wasn’t a bad saving all round!

My favourite Jurlique product is… Calendula Cream – it’s great for soothing and calming the skin.

* Certified biodynamic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia. Jurlique’s products and farm are not certified by or affiliated with Demeter® USA or Demeter International.

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