4 ways for naturally firmer skin

Beauty is an evolution and oftentimes, changes like sagging skin and a loss of elasticity are so subtle, you don’t even see them occurring. When you do, it might be to notice that wrinkles appear deeper, your skin looks less supple, or that it’s lost some of the plump springiness that it once had. These visible signs of ageing result from a combination of both intrinsic factors (that is, genetically inherited changes to the skin), and extrinsic factors (known aggressors like UV damage, pollution, stress and diet), both of which impact on the skin’s levels of collagen. If your goal is firmer, more supple skin, these four tips will set you in the right direction.

Practice sun safety

It’s long been known that sun exposure without adequate protection is the number-one extrinsic factor in skin ageing, resulting in fine lines, age spots and pigmentation. However new research published in the Australasian Journal of Dermatology suggests that UV damage may also be responsible for sagging skin and an overall loss of volume in the face. What’s more, this can be seen far earlier in women who are regularly in the sun. In a study of more than 3000 women from Australia, the US, UK, and Canada, the authors found that Australian women – who typically have higher levels of UV exposure – showed the signs of ageing up to 20 years earlier than their counterparts in the Northern Hemisphere. So to keep skin looking smoother and firmer for longer, be sure to apply a high-level SPF every single day.


Cut down on sugar

A diet that’s too high in sugar can dehydrate the skin, making it look less supple and causing lines and wrinkles to appear more prominent. More seriously, sugar also accelerates skin-sagging through a process called glycation. Once consumed, the sugar molecules attach themselves to other molecules in the body – including essential skin-building proteins like collagen – causing them to harden and become stiff. This impacts on the elasticity and firmness of our skin, and compromises its natural bounce.


Maintain a stable weight

Rapid changes or fluctuations in weight can stretch the skin. As we age, it loses its ability to snap back into place, leaving it looking looser and less supple, with lines and wrinkles appearing more pronounced. Maintaining a consistent, stable weight is far kinder to the skin and helps keep sagging at bay for longer.

Commit to a targeted skin ritual

The advanced signs of ageing, like deep lines and wrinkles, sagging and a loss of definition, can be effectively addressed with the right skin care ritual, such as Nutri-Define. As our most advanced anti-ageing offering, it relies on specific and targeted active ingredients to soften the look of deep wrinkles and help skin feel more supple. These include Horseradish Root Extract, known to improve firmness, and Glycogen to help boost skin’s natural defences. After using Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm for eight weeks, 94% of women noticed their eye contour area was visibly smoother and more defined*.

*Source: Based on a survey of 57 subjects aged 45-65 after 8 weeks of using Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm.