What is combination skin, and how should you care for it?

If your skin is oily in some places, tight and dry in others, you likely have combination skin. Typically, combination skin is oily across the T-zone (nose, chin and forehead) and dry everywhere else. Sounds a little bit like a facial jigsaw puzzle but don’t fret, you’re in the right place! Caring for combination skin is sort of like a balancing act - if you tip the scales too much on one side your skin may end up stripped of all its natural moisture, then if you tip too much the other way, your skin may go into oil overdose trying to make up for lost moisture. But we won’t let you get to that point; these steps will guide you to your best skin yet.


1. A clean slate

Cleansing your skin with a mild cream or gel-based cleanser will work to delicately lift impurities without stripping your skin of its natural moisture and oils. It’s best to look for natural ingredients that nourish your skin while it cleanses. Our Revitalising Cleansing Gel is packed with potent botanicals that transforms into a rich lather and utilises micellar technology to deeply and effectively cleanse your skin without tipping its natural balance.


2. All about balance

Our skin is naturally designed to ward of the effects of environmental stresses. Its ability to do so is determined by something called a pH level. If your pH levels are balanced, then your skin is able to protect itself more effectively. This is where toner comes in. Adding a natural toner like our Rosewater Balancing Mist to your skin care ritual will assist in restoring your skin’s pH levels, protect your skin from external aggressors, and hydrate with minimising oil.


3. Buff it away

When looking for the right exfoliator for combination skin, it’s best to look for one that isn’t too harsh on the skin. If it’s too harsh on your skin, this usually means your skin is being stripped of its natural oils, leaving the dry areas of your skin drier and the oiler parts of your skin oilier. Using the right exfoliator will slough off dead skin cells, unclog your pores, smooth out dry skin and reveal a more radiant complexion (without freaking your skin out). Exfoliate at night a few times a week, focusing more on the congested parts of your face, like the T-Zone. Our Daily Exfoliating Cream will gently buff your skin without any irritation.


4. Best of both worlds

It’s challenging to moisturise combination skin without clogging pores. This is because you’re dealing with two skin types that require different levels of moisture. Most moisturisers are formulated for either dry or oily skin. So be wise and moisturise. On the drier parts of your face, use a rich cream or lotion. We recommend our Moisture Replenishing Day Cream as it’ll deliver hydration that leaves your skin soft and comfortable. For the oiler parts of your face, stick to more lightweight lotion and gel consistencies. Our Moisture Plus Rare Rose Gel Cream will refresh and rebalance your skin’s moisture levels to fight oiliness for a shine-free finish.


5. Multi-mask

Having combination skin doesn’t mean you’re exempt from treating your skin with a mask. Use masks a few times a week to target specific concerns. A mask like our Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream Mask will give your dry areas a boost of hydration and seal in moisture. For your more oily areas, try our Purifying Mask. It’s a clay-based mask so it’s amazing for refining your skin and address excess oiliness.