Facial yoga benefits for every skin type

Skin care is self-care and facial yoga is the important daily ritual your routine needs. Whether you start the day improving lymph flow or ease tension after a long, screen-filled day, facial exercises can strengthen muscles, relax lines and better connect to ourselves. Not only a nourishing self-care ritual, facial massage and facial yoga may have the potential to stimulate collagen production, the key to younger and healthier looking skin.

Face yoga benefits

Facial yoga works to stimulate the muscles, skin, and lymphatic system. By softening and relaxing your face muscles, face yoga benefits can be felt and seen inside and out1. Alleviating feelings of tension, stress, and worry, reducing wrinkles and puffiness, and lifting sagging skin. With immediate effects seen in increasing blood circulation to the face, facial yoga sculpts cheeks and jowls for a firmer and healthier complexion.

The face yoga method is an opportunity to cultivate positive affirmations and gratitude in a daily self-care ritual. Try our favourite facial yoga rituals below.

Face yoga exercises - Terrific Trio

Relieve Tension

Stimulating this acupressure point helps to reduce eye strain caused by long days at your desk. Use it during the day or before you go to sleep.

  • Press into the inner corner of your eyes for 30 seconds.
  • Then circle gently in one direction for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat in the opposite direction.

No-stress Brow

This exercise relaxes the large muscle at the front of your forehead, often overused.

  • Place your fingertips at the centre of your forehead, facing inwards.
  • Gently press your fingertips into your forehead as you move your fingers toward your temples.
  • Release your fingers.
  • Continue for 30 seconds.

Tap away the Day

Tapping promotes relaxation and boosts circulation. The perfect complement to your skincare routine.

  • Start at your forehead and use your fingertips to rhythmically tap your skin.
  • Continue all along your face toward your jaw.
  • Next, tap the front of your neck and across your shoulders.
  • Then move up along the back of your neck to your head.
  1. Alam M, Walter AJ, Geisler A et al. 2018, ‘Association of Facial Exercise With the Appearance of Aging, JAMA Dermatology, vol. 154, no. 3, pp. 365-367.