How to make a Christmas wreath using Australian botanicals

Think of a traditional Christmas wreath and think of the large, dark green wreaths made up of pine, holly and cedar leaves that tend to grace our TV screens over the festive period. But pine cones, berries and wintery leaves don’t exactly scream an Australian Christmas, so this is the perfect time of year to try something a little bit different. At Jurlique, we love our botanicals (both as ingredients in our skin care, and in our interior décor) so this Christmas we’re going to be using Australian plants to create our very own door wreaths. For an easy DIY project this season, follow or guide to making your own wreath.


Woman creating DIY Christmas wreath


You will need:

• Wooden or wire florist ring

• Scissors

• 4-6 varieties of different Australian native foliage (we like wattle, eucalyptus and bottlebrushes. Make sure they’re sturdy so they won’t wilt)

• Florist wire • Wire snippers

• Ribbon or jute twine, for hanging


Step one

Snip your foliage to into pieces about 15cm in length and bunch each type of foliage together (if you want a thicker wreath, use two cuttings of each type of foliage). Arrange them so that each piece of foliage can be seen and tie the base of the foliage to the florist wring using florist wire.


Step two

Create your second bunch of foliage and lay it over the base of the first so you can’t see the ‘ends’. Tie it in place using florist wire and repeat until the whole wreath is covered. The size of your florist ring and how thick you want your wreath to be will determine how many bunches you need. For a 14-inch ring, you’ll typically need about 12 bunches.


Step three

Now that your wreath is complete, tie your ribbon or twine onto the ring in between the foliage to hang on your door, or anywhere else in your home. Mist your wreath with a small amount of water every couple of days to keep your foliage alive.


Woman tying jute twine on Christmas wreath


If you’re making your own wreath this year, tag us on Instagram – we’d love to see your creations! And if you’re still looking for gifts - whether it’s stocking fillers or something more extravagant - shop our Christmas gifts and sets.