Selecting your scent: the substance behind the scent

At Jurlique, we aim to stimulate the senses. To make your skin as healthy looking as it is soft to touch and, naturally, divine to smell. One of our most social senses, smell is linked to memory, emotion and our interactions with others. It can act as a natural alarm clock (think of the way that freshly brewed coffee aroma makes you feel), enable our sense of taste (80% of flavours are derived from their smell) and, research suggests, even lead us to love. So what scent defines you?

Love and beauty

The queen of the botanicals – Rose has powerful antioxidant properties and can nourish and protect skin. An ancient bud, it has long been synonymous with romance and beauty. While its unique aroma is rumoured to be for those seeking love and indulgence. Embody this divine fragrance with our Softening Shower Gel Rose and Softening Body Lotion Rose. Packed with hydration, restore your bloom with notes of Rose.

Farm Grown Marshmallow

Serenity ahead

Used by the ancient Romans in their baths, Lavender is as synonymous with the rolling countryside as it is with aromatherapy. Its soothing scent is ideal for inducing relaxation – perfect for those seeking to be cool in a crisis and looking to alleviate stress. Personify tranquility with our Calming Shower Gel Lavender and Calming Body Lotion Lavender.

Farm Grown Marshmallow

For the bold

A plant with many descendants – lemons, mandarins and tangerines are just a few in the citrus family. Renown for its ability to invigorate and energise, lemon can aide in stress relief and boost your mood. Tangerines with their sweeter, tarter edge help you refresh your skin and find focus. Rounding out this citrus crush is the sweetest scent of Mandarin. Together these lively scents provide an invigorating sensorial moment. For a bold boost of energy try our Refreshing Shower Gel Citrus and Refreshing Body Lotion Citrus.

Farm Grown Marshmallow

Fresh from the garden

For those seeking a more neutral fragrance experience, we have an assertive yet gentle combination perfect for all unisex fragrance lovers. The mix of herbaceous sage, zesty lemon and subtle geranium conjures images of a garden following a spring rainstorm. This earthy, fresh combination can be drawn on in any season, for anyone seeking restorative skin care. Get ready to bring nature into your daily ritual with Restoring Shower Gel Lemon, Geranium & Clary Sage and Restoring Body Lotion Lemon, Geranium & Clary Sage.

Farm Grown Marshmallow

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