All about roses: the best Christmas gift guide for her

Christmas is the season of joy and giving - the time of the year to show gratitude to others (and to yourself). This year, we’re focusing on thoughtful gifts that take care of wellbeing as well as being a luxurious treat, and what better way than creating a self-care hamper full of iconic and uplifting beauty and skin care products that will show you really care?


Enter, Rose. Not only does it smell divine, the benefits of rose fragrance are magical: it has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that help calm and hydrate your skin; it also has anti-depressant benefits that help bring a positive boost in mood and uplift people struggling with depression and stress - this makes rose the perfect ingredient to include in the beauty and skin care gift sets.


Bottle of Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist


Here are our all-roses Christmas gift ideas for her:

Rose-infused skin care treats

With just one spritz, our Rosewater Balancing Mist instantly hydrates, restores and refreshes skin, even over makeup – thanks to the extract from the Jurlique Rose. This is a beautiful scent to uplift their mood instantly and can be used after cleansing the face every morning and evening, and anytime when they need a hydration boost.

For a full rose sensation, add our Moisture Plus Rare Rose Serum and Moisture Plus Rare Rose Lotion to their gift. Introduced recently, the Moisture Plus Rare Rose range combines potent hand-grown botanicals including the Jurlique Rose Extract with the latest natural technology to give 24h hydration to the skin. The serum and lotion work well together to deliver intense hydration and restore skin's natural glow. Now, your skin should feel fresh, dewy, supple and full of rose love!


The gift of fragrance

Rose scent aromatherapy has been proven to help relieve tension and stress naturally – and the good news is this is not difficult to do by yourself! A simple rub of some rose oil onto the skin’s pulse points (neck, inside wrists and behind ears) and décolletage will let the oil and rose fragrance circulate within the body. A mini roll-on such as LUMIRA Persian Rose Perfume Oil makes the perfect gift this Christmas. Blended with floral rose absolute, bergamot zest and dark resinous amber, the scent of seductive Persian Rose soothes and calms the feeling of tiredness, stress and anxiety.


The sweet scent candle

A candle always makes a great gift – universal, sensuous and a little bit luxurious. The LUMIRA Candle Persian Rose is inspired by the delicate scent of rose water and amber, ancient Persia and its perfumed kings and queens. The concentrated aroma of rose fragrance can help with stress and depression too, as it decreases breathing rate and blood pressure to help relax your mind and body.


woman holding gift boxes