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Explore our range of natural sensitive skin care products. Sensitive face skin deserves the best natural ingredients. Forget mystery flare ups and sudden irritation. These natural sensitive skin care products are made with organic botanicals, formulated to soothe on the daily. A lotion cleanser with calendula flower extracts gently cleanses and refreshes skin, leaving it soft and supple. Spritz on a calming, hydrating facial mist to ease sensitivity and follow up with a protective serum that defends against environmental aggressors like pollutants and dust. A gentle face mask with organic flower oils provides long-lasting moisture without overwhelming, and chemical free moisturising cream with natural anti-redness ingredients comforts and nourishes while hydrating, ensuring that delicate skin is calm throughout the day.
Gentle daily cleanser for dry skin
A silky-smooth hydrating lotion
Calms and comforts sensitive skin
Soothes and protects sensitive skin
Restores and protects sensitive skin
£35.00 - £62.00
Gently calms skin