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Introducing NEW Nutri-Define

Introducing the new Nutri-Define Supreme range: a natural breakthrough for ageing skin. We took our premier range for ageing skin and made it more effective than ever, so your skin can feel radiant and re-energised. With the help of our Biosome6 Technology, active ingredients penetrate below the skin to deliver more of our natural active ingredients to the skin. Six luxurious products, our signature pure ingredients, and real results.

Proven to improve skin’s collagen production

Our Nutri-Define process

The carefully crafted process for creating Nutri-Define combines the power of six botanical extracts with our breakthrough liposome delivery system. The result is our most powerful anti-ageing skincare - hydrating, firming, and enhancing for visibly re-energised skin.


Spilanthes Extract

The extract drawn from our farm-grown Spilanthes plants has been scientifically proven to improve skin’s collagen production, one of the key factors in preventing the appearance of ageing.

Our Unique Process - Intensification

Horseradish Extract

Grown, harvested and extracted at our farm, this powerful botanical extract helps improve skin firmness. It helps smooth the appearance of deep lines to give you younger-looking skin.



Our breakthrough liposome delivery system delivers powerful actives into the skin by stabilising 6 botanical plant extracts picked from the Jurlique farm. It targets the damanged stratum corneum, found in the skin’s epidermis, which causes dehydrated skin.

Nature’s Pioneers

From seed to skin care, Jurlique follows an uncompromising path; harnessing Nature’s utmost purity, vitality and performance through advanced biodynamic* farming techniques. At our biodynamic farm, we harvest the Spilanthes flower only on days when the moon passes through the “Air and Light” signs of Libra, Gemini and Aquarius; flowers, substance, and colour thrive during these stages of the moon cycle, making it the optimal time to harvest. Without the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides, our botanicals flourish, ensuring no harmful ingredients ever touch the skin – or the environment. Established by Jurlique’s founders Ulrike and Jurgen Klein over thirty years ago, the entire process remains meticulously in place. Both pioneer – and at the frontier, only Jurlique unlocks Nature’s transformative powers to their fullest. Experience a new era in anti-ageing with Nutri-Define.

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