4 facts you need to know about Biosome6

Since 2014, Nutri-Define has been one of our flagship ranges, attracting devotees around the world thanks to its nourishing and natural-based anti-ageing formulas. Six years later and we’ve reformulated the range to make its age-defying properties even more powerful, using the latest technology and potent botanicals grown on the Jurlique Farm to create skin care designed to firmer, younger and smoother-looking skin.


The complete Nutri-Define Supreme range helps to address the appearance of:

• Deeper, more visible lines and wrinkles

• Lack of elasticity

• Crepiness and thinning appearance of the skin

• Discoloration and uneven skin tone

• Advanced dehydration and moisture loss

• Loss of smoothness and irregular skin texture

• Dullness, decreased clarity and lack of luminosity and radiance


The reformulated range is all down to Biosome6, a revolutionary new liposome technology that harnesses nature’s most potent natural ingredients to fight the signs of ageing. It’s a unique delivery system that is a micro-dispersion of the six botanical plant extracts from the Jurlique Farm. Discover everything you need to know about Biosome6 below – and how it will upgrade your anti-ageing skin care.

Woman holding jar of Nutri-Define Supreme Restorative Rich Cream


It harnesses liposome technology

Liposome technology is a skin care delivery system that was first used in 1986 to deliver active ingredients to the skin and help them penetrate more effectively. Biosome6 refills gaps in the stratum corneum, your skin’s natural protective barrier, to improve moisture retention. Each micro-capsule penetrates beneath the skin’s surface, delivering greater concentrates of Spilanthes Flower Extract, Horseradish Root Extract and the Jurlique Radiance Blend to restore luminosity, volume and suppleness.


It protects and restores skin

The advanced Biosome6 technology helps to protect skin and delivers the active ingredients by mimicking the skin’s natural lipid structure. It helps to restore the intercellular lipids of the surface of the epidermis, improving the appearance of the skin and enhancing its barrier function.


Spilanthes flower


The name is an amalgamation of its parts

We haven’t just made it up, Biosome6 does actually mean something. ‘Bio’ represents the biodynamic farming we practice on the Jurlique Farm, ‘some’ represents liposome technology and ‘6’ represents the six farm-grown extracts that are found in the formula: Spilanthes, Horseradish, Marshmallow, Calendula, Rose and Lavender.


It increases collagen production in skin

…by up to 46%*. Collagen and elastin are essential proteins that give skin a plump, firm and youthful appearance. Age and exposure slow down the production of both these proteins, leading to wrinkles, sagging skin, and a loss of firmness. Biosome6 boosts your skin’s natural ability to produce Collagen VII and Collagen I, two types of collagen integral to preventing signs of ageing.


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*Based on an in-vitro study using skin cell cultures for a period of 24 hours and 3 days conducted by POLA Chemical Industries Inc.