5 facial yoga exercises for firmer-looking skin

Chances are you’ve heard of yoga and may even incorporate the practice into your self-care and wellbeing rituals. But did you know that you can do face yoga? Face yoga is a series of facial exercises that can help tone the muscles beneath the skin and increase blood flow, helping your skin to naturally appear more youthful and radiant. For best results, face yoga should be done every day at the end of your skin care ritual after you apply your moisturizer as it will help our products penetrate deeper. Just a few minutes of targeted exercises can help you achieve firmer-looking skin - here are five easy stretches to get you started.

For the eye area

Got crow’s feet? Help reduce the appearance of those fine lines by placing your middle and index finger slightly above your temples and pull up to feel a stretch. Squint for five seconds and relax before repeating two more times.

For the cheeks

Common signs of aging include cheek lines and sagging skin. For smoother-looking skin, make a small ‘O’ shape with your mouth, so your lips hide your teeth. Keeping your teeth hidden, smile widely and close again. Repeat six times.

For the forehead

Forehead wrinkles are part and parcel with the aging process. Help reduce their appearance by making fists with both of your hands and placing them in the center of your forehead. With slight pressure, slide your fists to the side and repeat four times. This exercise also helps to remove any tension.

For the frown lines

Tension can cause ‘frown lines’ – those lines between the eyebrows that over time, don’t seem to go away. Place your index and middle fingers in the inner corners of your eyebrows and spread your fingers apart, they should roughly be in the middle of your eyebrows. Take a deep breath and as you breathe out for a count of five, slowly frown, making sure your forehead is relaxed.

For the neck

To help firm a sagging neck, press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and move your chin upwards so you’re looking at the ceiling. Smile and swallow. Repeat five times.

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