Limited Edition

Three reasons you need a hand massage

A little indulgence has never been more necessary. A DIY massage can supercharge skin care. Do it at your desk or while getting into the sleep-zone before bed – one luxurious, multi-tasking hand cream and a few minutes is all it takes.


1. Relax your senses

Mindful moments of self-care can give your busy mind a break, refocus attention, and calm jumpy nerves. Tap into the soothing power of scent with the new Fragrant Rose Hand Cream Limited Edition, fragranced with the pure, concentrated extract of Rosa gallica, the Alchemist’s Rose. This sweet and natural Rose scent uplifts the mind and senses. Break it out at the desk when you need a dose of calm or spend a few quiet moments massaging the day away before bed.


2. Soften and restore skin

Massaging in a hand moisturizer cream with soothing, fluid strokes allows rich hydrating and ingredients to sink into the skin and keeps hands looking youthful.


3. Release tension

Even small, repetitive actions like typing at a keyboard can strain muscles in hands. Focusing your massage method on key zones not only feels fantastic in the moment, it can stretch out cramps, release tension and make it easier to push through the next few hours.





Choose your technique. You do have time…

The three-step bliss express

Squeeze a dose of lush Fragrant Rose Hand Cream Limited Editioninto your palm and warm it between your hands. 

1. Use your thumb to stroke deeply upwards between each tendon on the back of one hand, from the knuckles to the wrist.

2. Now palm up, stroke your thumb firmly up the palm of one hand from the base of your fingers to the wrist then out to the side in a fanning motion. Repeat several times. Then make deep circular thumb pressure all over the palm.

3. Using your thumb and index fingers gently massage along each finger. Work right up to the fingertips and massage around the nail and nail bed.

 - Repeat all movements on opposite hand.