Bestselling Jurlique products

In 1985, Ulrike and Jurgen Klein set out to create natural-based skin care products, harnessing the power of botanicals and our nutrient-rich organic soil to produce formulas that were good for the skin and good for the planet. That became Jurlique, now one of the most renowned Australian natural-based skin care brands with a loyal following of organic skin care devotees around the world.

We’re constantly innovating and improving but a lot of what makes Jurlique ‘Jurlique’ is our commitment to why we started, and we’ll always stay true to our roots. Over the years, there are those products that have gained cult-like status, that embody our ethos and keep customers coming back time and time again. From the must-have mist that has a legion of faithful fans, to the signature serum that our buyers can’t get enough of, here are the most popular Jurlique products, according to you.

Activating Water Essence

A must-have for all skin types, this rejuvenating essence restores hydration after cleansing to leave you with smoother, softer, moisturized skin. Free from all artificial colors, fragrances, parabens and sulfates, our Activating Water Essence is beloved by fans for the long-lasting, continuous hydration it provides and for leaving skin looking visibly healthier.

Bottle of Activating Water Essence on grey and white striped towel 

Rosewater Balancing Mist

Our iconic mist has amassed a devoted following for a reason: it provides instant soothing and hydration to any skin type and can be used any-time, anywhere. The highly hydrating properties of Rosewater Balancing Mist come from the extract of the Jurlique Rose, a highly-perfumed flower grown exclusively on the Jurlique Farm in the Adelaide Hills. Our customers love the mist for leaving their skin refreshed and re-energized, with a natural and healthy glow.

Nutri-Define Supreme Rejuvenating Serum

We believe ageing skin needs nourishment and high performing ingredients that will reduce those tell-tale signs - and our customers clearly agree. Our Nutri-Define Supreme Rejuvenating Serum promises luminous, radiant skin and brighter, more even skin tone, using the potency of Spilanthes Flower, Horseradish Root, and Snowflake extracts to help reduce the appearance of all signs of ageing. A firm favorite among customers whose main concern is advanced signs of ageing, devotees of the serum praise it for delivering softer and more supple skin in an instant.

Herbal Recovery Signature Serum

The standout of our Herbal Recovery range, this serum plumps and firms skin while boosting radiance and hydration, and also helps with signs of aging thanks to its ultra-concentrated technology for faster results. The gel texture allows fast absorption and forms a protective barrier against dirt and environmental stressors, and it has been clinically proven to improve skin luminosity and help even skin tone. Users commend the Herbal Recovery Signature Serum for visibly reducing fine lines and pores, and for helping skin feel firmer.

Moisture Replenishing Day Cream

A rich, nourishing formula makes our Moisture Replenishing Day Cream a winner among all skin types, including dry and sensitive. Formulated with farm grown botanicals and high-performance plant-based oils including Safflower and Jojoba Seed, combined with Shea Butter and natural Beeswax to hydrate and restore radiance, this popular day cream not only helps protect skin from environmental aggressors, it also softens and soothes skin and helps provide lasting hydration, making it one of our most popular products around.