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Here's How To get Dewy Skin On The Go This Summer

Hydration without heaviness

That glowing sun and warm breeze feel so good on your face, on the beach, and out the car window. But your face can pay a price for all that fun - sun, sand, pool, and indoor air conditioning can dehydrate and dull your skin. On top of that, because of the heat and humidity, those heavy creams you slathered on during fall and winter can clog pores, causing blackheads and breakouts. This can lead to over-cleansing, which can dry out your skin even more

Face Mist on a Pink Background

What’s a summer-loving gal to do?

1. Moist, Not Melty. The line between radiant, dewy skin and looking like you stuck your face in a vat of coconut oil is way thinner during summer. Your face still needs moisture, but think light-water based hydration, not skin-smothering oils and creams. Sweet Violet & Grapefruit Hydrating Mist is packed with citrusy, powerhouse botanicals to intensely hydrate your skin while still letting it breathe and be its glowy, gorgeous self. Tip: stash the small size in your purse to top up on hydration throughout the day.

2. SPF Minus The Slick. We know you know how important sunscreen is. But layering the right product with your SPF is key to improving its performance. Solution? Use an antioxidant-rich serum for weightless hydration and a protection boost. Our Herbal Recovery Signature Serum , which contains Vitamins C and E that boost the effectiveness of your SPF by 4X (it’s research-proven!) Key tip: mist our Lavender Hydrating Mist gently over your sunscreen throughout the day to refresh, rehydrate, and restore moisture to your skin.

3. Rinse & Repeat. Experts recommend cleansing twice a day if you’re going to have some sun fun, what with all the makeup, SPF, and dirt that will inevitably stick to your sweaty face. When cleansing more frequently, though, it’s important to avoid stripping formulas. Make sure to use a gentle but effective cleanser and don’t forget to hydrate ASAP after cleansing to lock moisture in. A few rose-scented sprays of Rosewater Balancing Mist gently diffuses hydrating botanicals into your skin and makes it smell like an actual dream.

4. Left Swipe On Redness. Soothe aggravated skin that’s had way too long of a sun siesta (don’t worry, we won’t snitch on you to your derm - but be more careful next time!) with our Activating Water Essence+. This protective elixir contains ultra-soothing Marshmallow Root Extract - think of it like a soft blanket that magically wraps around irritated skin. Saturate a cotton pad and swipe gently all across your face after cleansing to calm down any after-sun aftereffects.