Moisturizer vs oil: which one is for you?

They key to healthy-looking and feeling skin? Hydration, hydration, hydration. We all through periods when our skin is feeling dry or dehydrated, especially during winter when we’re battling with colder, harsher weather and indoor heating, and it can be frustrating trying to get your skin back to looking and feeling its best. Factors such as water intake, diet, sleep and overall health can affect skin hydration levels (read our guide to eating your way to radiant skin for our top nutrition tips) but the skin care products you choose can make a big difference too.

Face oils have been making waves in the skin care world as a way to hydrate skin and achieve a healthy, radiant complexion – but they can cause a bit of confusion about when and why to use them. What’s the difference between a face oil and a moisturizer, and who can benefit from using a face oil? Read on to discover everything you need to know.

The difference between face oils and moisturizers

A face oil is a skin care product that – you guessed it – is made up of nourishing oils, usually derived from a natural botanical source such as Jojoba, Sweet Almond or Rosehip. Is facial oil good for skin? In a word, yes. A good face oil mimics the sebum that your skin naturally produces and helps support its natural protective barrier. Unlike a moisturizer, the oil sits on top of your skin rather than penetrating beneath its surface.

Bottle of Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil next to green leaf and Amethyst stone

No doubt a moisturizer is already in your skin care ritual as one of the last steps. A moisturizer typically takes the form of a cream, gel or lotion and is designed to provide hydration that penetrates deep into your skin. There are three main types of moisturizers:

  1. Humectants, which deliver water to the skin
  2. Emollients, which fill in the gaps between skin cells and strengthen the outer layer of the skin
  3. Occlusives, which seal water in and prevent moisture loss through evaporation
Which is best for me?

As face oils and moisturizers serve different purposes, we recommend including both in your skin care ritual. When choosing which product to use, always take into account your skin concerns. For face oils, we recommend:

Now that you’ve chosen your face oil, it’s time to pick a moisturizer. We recommend:

Tub of Jurlique Moisture Plus Rare Rose Cream next to goop

When to use a face oil

It’s a common question: does oil go before or after moisturizer? The golden rule of applying skin care products is to start with the lighter weight, thin products and work your way to heavier lotions and creams. This means applying your cleanser, mist, essence, serum, eye care, then face oil and lastly, moisturizer. Or combine the two last steps into one – at Jurlique, we like to mix two drops of oil into our moisturizer before warming between fingertips and gently pressing onto the face, neck and décolletage, to get the benefits of both products.

Regardless of your skin type or concern, adding hydration by using a moisturizer, face oil, or both can go a long way in improving your skin’s health. Discover our wide range of moisturizers and face oils and shop online now.