Limited Edition

The Journey of our Precious Rosa Gallica Flowers

It takes an exceptional Rose to become an extraordinary extract. Discover the journey of the Roses that made it into our ultra luxe Rose Hand Cream. It’s a story about liquid life force.

Jurlique has always known that Nature is the most powerful beauty lab. The secret of the lush moisture and intense Rose scent of the Rose Hand Cream lies in the earth.

The story begins with a Rose bud

The pure essence of Rosa gallica flowers contained in the rich hand cream is drawn only from the best blooms of the season – the picks of the bunch. Hand-sown into the nutrient-rich soil of our organic Farm, each Rose plant is nourished by clear rainwater and sunlight of South Australia’s Adelaide Hills – the purest place on Earth.

As the first organic Roses spring tenderly from the bush, they are gently hand-tended, raised to perfect bloom – Nature’s perfect Roses.

Purity is the only process

At Jurlique, everything is timed to Nature’s cycle. We hand-pick the best Roses only while they are at the peak of their natural power and take them to the botanical drying shed on our Farm, where fresh ingredients become purely concentrated, active extracts.

Inside the shed, our Roses go through a meticulous three-phase extraction process to capture the powerful antioxidants and hydrating properties that live inside each petal.

This painstaking process delivers a rich concentrated extract to deeply hydrate and replenish the skin on hands.

Not all Roses are created equal

Our Rosa Gallica is not just any Rose. Known as the Alchemist’s Rose, this Rose has been used medicinally for thousands of years – the pick of the bunch for its indulgent nourishing properties and the sweet fragrance that envelops the senses, lifting both the mind and the body.

The ultimate gift of Nature

We’ve simply blended the intense, active concentrate of Rosa Gallica into a lushly fragrant luxury hand cream, both a hand moisturizer and antioxidant-loaded, to deeply hydrate, soothe, soften and restore the skin while relaxing the senses.

No artificial fragrances, parabens, silicones, PEGs or mineral oils or paraffin – just the pure liquid life force of red Roses, captured in a tube.

We’ve also boxed it beautifully, into a luxurious gift for the skin and the senses. Give to someone special – or to self.  An intense indulgence has never felt more necessary.